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[ 武陵.櫻花 ] (by waynele)

We all want our blogs clean and easy to access so I’ve created some tagging tips that will help everyone out!

Things you should ALWAYS tag (For PTSD reasons)
  • Weapons
  • Blood
  • Water
  • Gore/Death/Horror
  • Food
  • Gifs
  • NSFW
 Things most people appreciate you tagging:
  • Spider/bugs
  • Tag people
  • Promos (pr, promo)
  • Giveaways (pr, giveaway)
 Things that Help people navigate your blog:
  • Colourcode
  • Askers URL
  • Tag for context
  • queued posts
  • Masterposts (longtext, etc.)
  • Readmores
  • Fandom + Ships names
  • Your URL
  • Text or Chat posts
 Some other things that can help:
  • Make a taglist
  • Tell people whether or not you will tag things for them
  • Dont tag things like ship hatting in the ship tag or hamburgers in the vegan tag

What me to make more masterposts? Message me a Request!

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the FMA sentence made me choke on air


HEyYO hope this helps um there are alot of different boots/sneakers I”M NOT SURE WHICH ONE YOU MEAN if you were looking for something else just let me know! 

oh also the four part thing doesn’t apply to all shoes and the way i draw shoes is kinda weird IT MIGHT NOT BE YOUr thing idk AND OFC REAL REFERENCES ARE STILL YOUR NO1 OPTION WHEN DRAWING YEAH

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Disney princess

I hate it when I get really excited over something, and like, you really want to tell someone about what makes you so excited, and you realize you have no one to talk about stuff to 

'Coming out' pt.1 (Fem!MakoHaru)

Prompted by: kirakira-shine for ‘genderbent makoharu’

Rating: PG13 - PG15

Words: 563

Warnings: None

NOTE: Unfortunately I have to leave unexpectedly and will be back later tonight, so I have made this into a two-shot sort of thing that will come as two ficlit’s that can be read together or on their own about how Haru and Makoto come out to both their team and their school. (I hope this makes up for it). 

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*hopes I'm not too late* A MakoHaru story? If you do genderbent can you genderbend one (no preference which)?

Coming right up sweetheart! It’ll be posted within the hour (I’ll do genderbend) <3

I will write ONE person a 1,000+ word fanfic within ONE HOUR if they give me a prompt. (haikyuu!!, Free!) First come first serve. 

Also, please state pairing, (I multi-ship, so nothing is going to be left out)

ANON ALLOWED! Any other prompt will be posted later tonight or tomorrow :)

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♡one year anniversary doodle

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