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Translation: ねことひな


ねことひな by そうじ@春西4a-64a
Translator: futaba-chi
Typesetter: Mishaa

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North Park (by clio1789)

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I am weak, I started playing the Kim kardashian Hollywood game. #neverleavingthebandwagon

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I once gave a report on the book Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M Auel in elementery school for favorite book day, and no one understood what I was talking about because according to my teacher at the time, ‘there were no sub species of people, God only created us.’ #problemsatcatholicschool


let’s be real

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Haikyuu!! season 1 ending


I made a bunch of gradients to use for whatever you like ~

What I should be doing: Cleaning my room, studying for my tests, taking my dog for a walk.
What I am doing: Reading manga & whining on tumblr

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Galaxy Complection by Shootingstarfreckles