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Hi, I'm Sushi & I post Art, Fandom stuff Shop Links and anything else I enjoy at the moment! I like cute things, cherries, animals, and music. Sometimes I draw or write, but I mostly read and drink tea.


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Sakura (by sgym@662)

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さくらのブーケ ✿ by leaf 

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Lovely pink (by amethyst)

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Haikyuu!! Headcannons

  • Tsukishima gets really bad panic attacks that he hides from the rest of the teammates. Daichi and Yamaguchi are the only ones who know about them, and one will go with him and help him calm down while the other covers for them during practices.
  • Hinata and Kageyama have regular sleepovers and usually spend the weekends together, they tell the team its for practice reasons but they still end up at each others houses even if its raining outside.

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Galaxy Complection by Shootingstarfreckles